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Technology Highlights

First in Canada Medical Imaging Technology

The new Humber River Hospital has some of the most advanced medical imaging technology available.Interventional radiology suite

  • The Interventional Radiology equipment uses laser-guided motion, with the ability to move freely to any imaging position. HRH is the first hospital in Canada to acquire this type of technology for Interventional Radiology procedure rooms.
  • Our new CTs are faster, with 4D coverage and motion correction, providing uncompromised image quality for the most challenging clinical applications. HRH is the first hospital in Canada to acquire this type of technology for Computed Tomography.
  • Our new MRIs feature ‘Silent Scan’ technology, reducing the noise of a scan to a whisper. HRH is the first community hospital in Canada to acquire this type of technology.

Sensory Suite – World Class Care; Creating an optimal healthcare experience for women

Humber River Hospital’s new Breast Health Centre features a Sensory Suite, designed to help distract patients from the discomfort and anxiety often experienced during mammography.

Patients chose from a menu of different landscape scenes such as beach or waterfall, which is then projected on video screens around the room. This creates a soothing room environment that lasts for the duration of the visit.

The Sensory Suite empowers patients to play a role in their own care delivery. Humber River is one of only a handful of hospitals in Canada to use this technology.

RIVA Chemotherapy Robot

RIVA robotChemotherapy drugs are some of the most complicated and toxic drugs used in a hospital. To enhance patient and staff safety in our Oncology unit and Pharmacy, Humber River installed the state-of-the-art (RIVA) robot to prepare these drugs.

This robot fully automates the process to mix chemotherapy treatments in a fully-contained enclosure. This eliminates staff contact with the drugs, and the risk of staff being exposed to cytotoxic chemicals.

It performs multiple weight and product barcode checks during compounding to ensure doses are accurate and complete. Furthermore, the electronic audit trail identifies and labels every dispensed dose with patient-specific information to ensure accurate administration. This means that patient safety is greatly enhanced, and that the right patient receives the right drug at the right time.

This automation not only enhances patient and staff safety, it also increases pharmacy efficiency and effectiveness.

Automated Pharmacy Systems

box pickerThe installation of our new automated pharmacy and supply system technologies is a significant step towards our goal to reinvent patient care.

Humber River has the latest versions of the PillPick™ Packaging and Dispensing System, BoxPicker™ Pharmacy Storage System, and PickView™ Medication Verification System. These automated systems streamline pharmacy workflow, allowing clinical pharmacists to spend more time providing pharmaceutical care in patient care areas, while reducing the risk of medication errors.

Scheduled medications are delivered to patient care areas in secure containers by Automated Guided Vehicles. Automatic Dispensing Units (ADU) are used in our inpatient units, Emergency Department, and dialysis outpatient areas to dispense medication. ADUs are computerized drug storage cabinets that allow medications to be stored and dispensed near the point of care while tracking drug distribution.

Combined, these technologies enhance patient safety, improve timely medication administration, and provide accountability with enhanced inventory management. They also provide secure medication storage for controlled drugs and narcotics.

Patient Care Reinvented.