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Strategic Plan

Humber River Hospital’s Strategic Plan incorporates our Mission, Vision and Values in a framework that serves as our most fundamental guide to decision-making. Read more about our Strategic Plan (PDF). Download an accessible version of our Strategic Plan.

In today's rapidly evolving Canadian healthcare environment, Humber River must operate from a position of flexibility, capable of adapting quickly to new processes or treatment protocols. But that flexibility must be targeted towards a common goal, and a shared sense of who we are and where we are going.
While our Vision serves as an expression of what we are trying to achieve, our Mission speaks to HRH’s role as a provider of acute care hospital services. Our Values reflect the belief in an organization where the dignity, integrity and diversity of all are respected at all times. Each of us must reflect our values in daily interactions as we work together to provide care to our patients and their families. You will notice Strategic Directions and supporting Strategic Initiatives have been developed to define the primary activities the organization will focus on over the next three years to achieve our vision. Having a well-thought out Plan is essential – so is measuring its effectiveness.
The primary measurement tool used at HRH to measure effectiveness is the Balanced Scorecard. The Scorecard allows us to do that by showing where we are on the right track and where further work and resources may be needed.  Humber River Hospital is committed to success; to delivering the highest possible quality of care to our patients and their families. Our Strategic Plan will guide us to future accomplishments as together we work towards "Reinventing patient care, optimizing health in our community."
Patient Care Reinvented.