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HSMR: What is it and how is Humber River Hospital doing?
HSMR is one of a series of measurement tools used by Humber River Hospital in our efforts to continuously analyze performance and identify areas where improvement opportunities may be found. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has released its HSMR data for 2015/16. For 2015/16, Humber River Hospital's score was 87. This is below the national benchmark of 100, indicating better than expected performance.
CIHI points out that hospital care depends on many factors, not all of which are reflected by HSMR. Many indicators must be examined in order to get a sense of how hospitals are performing - where they excel and where improvements could be made. A higher than average HSMR result does not necessarily mean that a hospital is “unsafe”; a lower than average HSMR does not necessarily mean a hospital is “safe.” HSMR results have to be viewed in the context of other performance indicators.
HSMR excludes patients whose hospitalization was for the purpose of palliative care or patients who received palliative care for the largest portion of their hospital stay, and includes patients who were admitted as acute care cases and received some palliative care. We know this has an impact on HRH’s HSMR.
You can get more information on HSMR and read the latest report at:

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