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The new Humber River Hospital...

It began as a desire to give our patients and our community the kind of hospital facility it deserved. On December 2, 2011 the dream began to take shape as we held our groundbreaking celebration: a wonderful day for our hospital, our patients and our community.

Humber River Hospital proudly presents our new home: North America’s first fully digital hospital. A digital hospital uses the most current technologies possible to enhance all aspects of quality care delivery, improving efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety.

Our Lean, Green and Digital Guiding Principles

The centerpiece of our plans to revolutionize health care for our community, it is designed to maximize the benefits of technology, lean design and environmental planning. Our new building enables our hospital team to further enhance the high quality, safe, efficient care they provide in our current facilities. It allows care providers more time at the bedside, nurturing the personal interactions that form the basis of great hospital care.

Lean – based on the philosophy of form follows function, we are enhancing clinical workflow with technologies that promote the efficient use of staff and resources. This allows for smooth movement of patients, staff and visitors while reducing waiting times.

More on Lean

Green – Humber River Hospital believes health, health care, and the environment are inextricably linked. The design and construction of the new hospital adheres to the guidelines and sustainability principles of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system. The goal was to achieve LEED® Silver certification, however we are tracking to reach LEED® Gold certification. LEED® buildings focus on healthy indoor environments, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and efficient use of energy, water and other resources.

Digital – The key objective of a digital hospital is to use the most current technologies possible to enhance all aspects of quality care delivery. It leverages technology wherever possible to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and customer service. It also allows for easier information flow and access to care providers, patients and community partners.

More on "Digital"

  • Computerized patient documentation for immediate bedside charting, allowing physicians and staff to access patient records anywhere, anytime and review updates in real time.
  • Robotic blood and specimen testing; results will take minutes, and sent electronically to the care team with special alerts for immediate attention.
  • Automated medication management systems to increase safety and ensure the right drug is delivered to the right patient at the right time; including an automatic pill picker in the Pharmacy, and Automatic Dispensing Units (ADU) in our inpatient areas, and Emergency and Dialysis outpatient areas.
  • Chemotherapy robot that fully automates the process to mix toxic chemotherapy drugs, enhancing patient and staff safety, and increasing pharmacy efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Patients can control lights, use telephone and internet, order food, and review their medical record all from a bedside computer.
  • The Patient Portal will give patients access to their medical record, and the ability to check in from their home computer up to 24 hours prior to an appointment.
  • Patients won’t have to stand in line at registration with the virtual queuing application which combined with online check in, will speed up the patient arrival process at our clinics.



Patient Care Reinvented.