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Professional Practice

Our department is fully committed through strong relationship and partnerships in supporting the vision and strategic plan of Humber River Hospital through influence, clinical knowledge, and a strong expertise relating to professional practice for both nursing and allied health practice.


Nurses play an important role in the delivery of health care as the front line providers across the continuum of care. Humber River Hospital prides itself in the quality care provided to the patients and families that visit us. Humber recognizes the contributions of nurses’ knowledge and expertise to clinical quality and patient outcomes. Strong leadership, empowered professionals, and exemplary practice are the essential foundation of nursing professional practice at Humber River Hospital.

We offer a wide variety of clinical nursing opportunities at Humber River that include the Emergency Department, Critical Care, Medicine, Surgical, Maternal/Child, and Operating Room programs. Together with our New Graduate Nurse Orientation Program; “Bridging the Gap”, and our enhanced Interprofessional Orientation Program, we offer our new staff to Humber River an extensive and comprehensive orientation while providing a supportive environment for learning in a mentored relationship.

Humber River nurses are an essential members of the interprofessional care team, through where they are challenged to critically reason, and supported to develop their career possibilities within a range of clinical specialties and nursing roles.

Nurses impact and are involved in program decision-making and are involved in various committees throughout the programs, and corporate nursing councils. Program-based advanced practice nurses, clinical practice leaders, and nurse practitioners work collaboratively, and in partnership with the integrated healthcare teams on enhancing practice, supporting education, and participating in research initiatives.

Allied Health

Our commitment to patient and family centered care is the foundation of the services and care provided by our allied professionals at Humber River Hospital.

The expertise and leadership provided by these professionals in each of their practice domains of Speech Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Social work, and Respiratory Therapy enhances the care of the Interprofessional Team and supports the vision of excellence in care and the delivery of quality care and the best outcomes for our patients and families.

Our department, combined with the leadership of the Professional Practice Leaders and Manager of Allied Health foster and encourage innovation and growth, capacity building and sharing of best educational practices though strong and well-supported partnerships both internal and external to Humber River.

Allied Health are encouraged to work to full scope of practice in a variety of clinical specialties and programs offered at Humber River where they participate through program and corporate councils in program development, professional development, research, and the implementation of evidence-influenced practice.

Humber River prides itself with highly-skilled professionals that deliver care through a diverse, coordinated and integrated service model with provision to a broad range of health professionals working in an interprofessional collaborative model.

Patient Care Reinvented.