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Our Team

Highly skilled and motivated staff.

The Medical Imaging team is comprised of a diverse professional group of healthcare providers. They work together to ensure the appropriate imaging exams and procedures are performed safety and comfortably.

Our Physicians:

Includes radiologists, interventional radiologists, Muscular Skeletal (MSK) radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and other specialists including cardiologists and vascular surgeons.

Radiologists specialize in interpreting the results of imaging exams. Physicians consult with radiologists to help determine what the most safe and effective exam would be, what the results mean for the patient, and discuss further treatment options.

Interventional radiologists are a specialty within radiology that uses advanced interpretation and consulting skills to further identify diagnostic and treatment options. They perform minimally invasive procedures including needle guided biopsies, vessel angioplasty or occlusion, drainages and stent graft insertions.

Nuclear medicine physicians are trained to use medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of various disease processes.


Our Technologists:

Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) perform imaging exams and administer medical isotopes. They work with general x-ray, mammography, computed tomography (CT) scan, bone mineral densitometry (BMD), interventional radiology (IR) and nuclear medicine technologies.

Ultrasound technologists perform imaging exams using high frequency sound waves to produce dynamic visual images of the body.

MRI technologists perform imaging exams using a strong magnetic field and radio waves to acquire images of the body.

To provide the highest quality care to our patients, our technologists are members of professional organizations and colleges to ensure they adhere to professional practice guidelines, continue their education and maintain their competency. These include:


  • College of Radiation Technologists of Ontario
  • Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences
  • Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Society of MRI Technologists
  • Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

Our Imaging Nurses:

A radiology nurse’s role requires a high level of knowledge, expertise and critical thinking. They work alongside imaging physicians and technologists to provide high quality and safe care to a variety of patients with diverse and at times, complex needs. It is a unique and vital nursing role combining the skills and proficiency for exam preparations, patient pre-screening, and operating room, emergency and recovery room experiences.

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