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What do I bring?

Please make sure that you bring your prescription and non-prescription medicines as well as vitamins and herbal remedies from home or bring a complete list of these medicines.

A supply of your medications in case you have a long wait or need to be admitted to hospital.

Any other important information about allergies or other medical conditions you may have.

Your Ontario Health (OHIP) card. If you live outside Ontario please bring your medical insurance information.

Your extended/private health insurance in case you need to be admitted to hospital.

Note: your doctor may prescribe equipment for you, such as knee or shoulder immobilizers or crutches. OHIP does not cover these costs and you will be asked to pay or you can be billed. However, most personal insurance policies will reimburse you. Ambulance charges are not covered by OHIP either.

Money for parking; credit cards are accepted.

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