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Our Declaration of Values
Patient Declaration of Values - June 7, 2011

 What we can all expect

Everyone has the right to:

  • Courtesy and respect
  • Fair and equitable treatment
  • Recognition of individual needs, differences and preferences

What you can expect from your care providers

Each patient has the right to:

  • Safe and quality care
  • Open and ongoing communication
  • Active participation in decision making
  • Respect for decisions to accept or refuse care
  • Privacy and confidentiality of personal health information
  • Respect for previously expressed wishes (e.g. power of attorney)
  • Access to health information
  • Have concerns fairly reviewed
  • Support person(s) involved in care, if desired
  • Information about managing care after discharge

What your care providers ask of you and those accompanying you

 Each patient and their companions have a responsibility to:

  • Actively participate in decision-making about care
  • Provide the care team with accurate health information
  • Ask questions
  • Understand that at times, other patients may have more urgent care needs
  • Pay for services that are not covered by health insurance
  • Take care of personal belongings and valuables.


If you have any questions or concerns about your visit to Humber River, please contact Claudette Gooden, our patient representative. You can reach Claudette by telephone at 416 - 242 - 1000 x82256 or by email at
Download our Patient Declaration of Values in Italian, Spanish, Russian or Viatnamese.
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