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Humber River Hospital’s NEW Command Centre

The Team 


Meet Jane Casey – HRH’s New Command Centre Director

Jane CaseyJane Casey is a Registered Nurse and holds a Master’s of Science in Nursing. She has over 27 years of experience in working with patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and students to improve the experience and quality outcomes each patient should expect and experience within our health care system. With vast involvement in several sectors of the health care system, Jane has developed a specialty in acute care within community, long term care, complex continuing care, and rehabilitation settings. Understanding the importance of listening to patients so that they can play a critical leading role in their own care as well as developing relationships across the healthcare system, Jane is well positioned to lead the operations of HRH’s new Command Centre.

For Jane, she says “the Command Centre is a visionary project that supports our ultimate goal at HRH of improving the experience of each person that enters the health care system with a focus on exceptional quality care with every interaction.” There are two aspects that Jane is particularly passionate and excited about, “Through the Command Centre, we will be able to provide our physicians, staff and patients with real time data that will enable all involved to make better decisions about the care of the patient. As well, the data over time will support us in improving our processes so that we will be able to course correct prior to issues becoming problems. Both these aspects are incredibly exciting and will lead to better care and a better patient experience.”


Meet Dr. Susan Tory – Command Centre Medical Director

Jane CaseyDr. Susan Tory is a member of the division of General Internal Medicine at Humber River Hospital. She completed her General Internal Medicine fellowship through the University of Toronto in May 2015, and holds a medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She joined Humber’s group of internists/hospitalists in October 2015 when the Wilson site opened. She has been actively involved in inpatient and outpatient care for medical patients, as well as a being a key figure on the Clinical Teaching Unit for rotating medical students and residents at Humber.


Susan is excited to be joining the leadership team for the Command Centre as its Medical Director. She says, “I was drawn to work at Humber because it represents a team of administrators, organizers, and healthcare providers who all have a common goal – to reinvent patient care and modernize the way it is delivered, and to achieve a higher quality outcome and experience for patients.” For Susan, the Command Centre “represents common sense combined with innovative and ground-breaking technology. We have so many important contributing parties involved in a patient’s care in-hospital, as well as at home. A centralized place where we can all communicate directly and monitor our progress with respect to the flow of patients and the quality of care provided gives us great opportunities for continuing improvement.”  


Meet Paula McFee-Grant - Command Centre Clinical Expediter

Jane Casey

Paula McFee-Grant is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has over nine years of experience working with patients, families, staff, physicians and students in delivering and improving quality patient centered care to a diverse patient population. She's been involved in different positions, roles and committees throughout the organization. Paula joined the Patient Flow Department in 2011 where she works to improve patient flow and clinical utilization.

Paula sees the Command Centre as an innovative initiative and an integral resource in networking collaboratively to enhance and re-invent quality patient centered care and flow as a key element in optimizing the patient experience. Paula is elated about the Command Centre and she is most excited about the fact that patient flow will be displayed and illustrated for all involved to have in clear view of the bigger picture in a live setting; this will enable stakeholders to act instantly on situations in real time. 

Patient Care Reinvented.