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Humber River Hospital’s NEW Command Centre





Humber River Hospital has been working in partnership with GE since 2008 to transform how the hospital manages complex hospital processes and procedures in a high occupancy environment. Led and facilitated by GE, the design, build and implementation of Humber River Hospital’s Command Centre is a continuation of this journey and perfectly combines Humber’s clinical expertise, advanced digital infrastructure and culture of continuous improvement with GE’s experience, advanced analytics, technical capability and deep understanding of hospital workflows. Following is a timeline of key milestones leading up to the opening of our new Command Centre in late 2017.


Discovery - April 2016


A comprehensive evaluation is conducted across the hospital to evidence and prioritize our biggest challenges. This sparked excitement, clarified the purpose and set the direction for what the Humber River Hospital Command Centre would aim to solve in its first generation. 



Design Event - September 2016


The conceptual design of Humber’s Command Centre begins to take shape with the help of 35 staff representing various programs and functions across the hospital. The group assembles for a full-day design event focused on defining the principles, functions, activities, roles and information necessary to solve the problems prioritized in efforts preceding the event.


HRH and GE Group 

Change Activation Week - November 2016


Over 300 staff, physicians and managers were engaged in small groups to share their experience with change initiatives, learn about the Command Centre and discuss their perceptions, hopes and concerns about the future state. 


Change Activation Session 

Tabletop Exercises - February - April 2017


Small groups of hospital staff and leaders come together for multiple sessions that simulate a “day in the life” of the Command Centre. Using mock-ups of analytical tiles and real-life situations, the teams experienced examples of how the Command Centre will help streamline patient care delivery. 


Leadership Tabletop Exercises 

Director Named - April 2017


Jane Casey

Jane Casey, Director of Emergency Services, is appointed to lead the Command Centre as Administrative Director. Her energy and experience guide the team forward in defining the processes, analytics and roles that will bring the Command Centre to life at Humber River Hospital. 






Physical Build Starts - August 2017


Work commences to transform the former Humber River Hospital library into the Command Centre. The 4,500-sqft space is cleared out, so that construction teams can survey, plan and start the construction work.The new space will comprise the GE Wall of AnalyticsTM, two conference rooms, 20 workstations, a staff break room and other amenities. 



Construction Continues - October 2017


Construction continues on track at the Humber River Hospital Command Centre. A team of contractors, managed by Plenary Group, works tirelessly to transform a 4,500-sqft space into the new operational hub of the hospital. Builders collaborate to deliver a dust-free, sound-proof environment by the end of October, so that integrators can start installation of the Wall of Analytics™.



Staff Orientation October - November 2017

The newly formed Command Centre team has been hard at work in recent weeks preparing to move into their new, shared workspace. This has included in depth training using real-time Humber data from the tiles, rehearsing the actions the team will take to reduce delays and improve patient outcomes, teambuilding and getting to know each other. 



Physical Space Ready - November 2017

Construction is completed on the Humber River Hospital Command Centre. The main Command Centre workspace is set up with 20 workstations, where staff will collaboratively manage hospital operations. The Wall of Analytics™ is installed, with 22 large screens mounted and configured to display real-time and predictive decision support analytics. The space includes two new conference rooms, which will soon host some of the hospital’s most critical operating mechanisms. 



Grand Opening of HRH’s Command Centre – November 30th, 2017

Over 200 people attended the grand opening Canada’s first Command Centre launch event.    Ms. Barbara Collins, President and CEO, Humber River Hospital was joined by GE’s Chairman and CEO, John Flannery as well Ontario’s Hon. Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science and the Hon. Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.  Ms. Collins stated, “Through the Command Centre, we will be able to provide our physicians, staff and patients with real time data that will enable all involved to make better decisions about the care of the patient. As well, the data over time will support us in improving our processes so that we will be able to course correct prior to issues becoming problems. Both these aspects are incredibly exciting and will lead to better care and a better patient experience.” 


Functionality Added to the Command Centre - December 2017


In addition to real-time awareness of patient progress across the entire perioperative continuum, Command Centre staff are now alerted when and where patient flow is delayed, informed about operating room activity vis-a-vis the schedule so that anticipated room overruns can be managed early and the need for OR hours beyond prime time can be minimized, and notified when patients are exceeding expected recovery time so action can be taken to prevent OR holds from occurring.

Furthermore, the queue of bed clean requests are now prioritized in the Command Centre such that staff not only see the request location and status, but also categorization of the request by specific hospital and unit pressures (e.g. patient discharge) to ensure that support staff resources are focused on the highest priority activity across the hospital.



Patient Care Reinvented.