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Volunteer Opportunities


Humber River Hospital offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to make a difference. Here are just a few of the different ways you can assist in our hospital. 

Inpatient Units

On an inpatient unit, volunteers enhance the patient experience by:

● Providing one-on-one visits with patients

● Assisting patients at mealtime

● Facilitating recreational activities


Outpatient Clinics

In our outpatient clinics and surgical area, there are many ways to assist patients and staff members.

Volunteer duties include:

● Greeting patients as they arrive

● Assisting staff by escorting patients and providing information

● Providing emotional support and comfort measures for patients


Visitors & Public

The Lobby Services volunteers provide information and directional support for the visitors and community members that come to the hospital.

These volunteers assist with:

● Greeting and escorting patients and visitors throughout the hospital

● Assisting with patient inquiry phone calls, and providing hospital information


Retail Services

The Volunteer Association manages two retail services in the hospital: the Gift Shop and the Baby Boutique.

Volunteers assist in the daily operation of the retail services by:

● Welcoming patients, families and visitors

● Assisting customers in the selection and purchase of items


Specialty Services: Talent Sharing

In many of our service areas, volunteers with special talents enhance our patients' experience through specific volunteer programs.

If you have a special talent in any of these areas, or additional talents not listed, please provide details in your volunteer application.

● Music Program

● Art Program

● Knitting Program  

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