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Humber River’s Nephrology Program is a leading regional centre for Dialysis Services – one of Toronto’s largest dialysis programs – and is responsible for the management and coordination of renal services within the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). This is complemented by our Nocturnal Home Haemodialysis Program – the first of its kind and one of the largest in the world – and a well established pre-dialysis clinic for thorough patient assessment and monitoring.

Humber River’s Dialysis Program is world-renowned for having pioneered the Nocturnal Home Haemodialysis Program in Canada. We welcome professionals from across North America, Europe, Japan, China and beyond who wish to learn about this particular dialysis treatment modality and initiate their own programs.

Our reputation in this field is strengthened by our internationally-recognized team of experts and our emphasis on multidisciplinary teamwork. The HRH Nephrology Department Team is comprised of Nephrologists, Vascular Surgeons, Registered Nurses, Dialysis Assistants, Dieticians, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Interventional Radiologists, Chaplaincy, Psychiatrists and Renal Technologists working as a cohesive unit.

Components of the HRH Nephrology Programs
  • In-Centre Unit – 51 stations serving 318 patients
  • 1028 treated in pre-dialysis clinic (not yet on dialysis)
  • 2374 Nephrology clinic patients (not yet on dialysis)
  • 32 patients on conventional home dialysis
  • 34 Home Nocturnal haemodialysis patients
  • Clinics that support the Home Dialysis Program
  • 14 medical beds dedicated to the care of inpatients of the Nephrology Service
  • 24 hour on-call support

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