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Department of Laboratory Medicine

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State-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated interdisciplinary team enables Humber River Hospital (HRH) to optimize technology, maximize quality of care, and provide a full-service laboratory for our diverse patient population.

The Laboratory performs approximately 4.5 million tests a year and is also involved in clinical studies, medical laboratory student education, and research activities. We collaborate with other hospitals and community laboratories to provide seamless services to our patients.

The latest technology and equipment is used to assist health care providers to diagnose diseases in blood, tissues and fluids. This includes a Total Laboratory Automation system which reduces the turnaround-time of test results and increases efficiency.

Our fully cross-trained staff members work collaboratively with other departments throughout our hospital to ensure timely and accurate results and diagnosis.

Our Laboratory is accredited by the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH). The accreditation process recognizes the competency and integrity of laboratories through conformity to 482 requirements including quality goals, management commitment, and communication within and outside the laboratory, client satisfaction and sound reporting practices.

The Laboratory supports the Ontario Nurse Transfusion Coordinators (ONTraC) Blood Conservation Program that attempts to enhance transfusion practices by promoting alternatives to blood transfusions in surgical patients.

HRH Laboratory Services:

  • Ambulatory Patient Care Clinic – Provides blood collection services to patients attending HRH outpatient clinics. It is located on the 1st floor in the north/south corridor, it is open from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday; phone (416) 242-1000 ext. 62400.
  • Clinical Chemistry – Performs tests on blood and body fluids to analyze chemical processes, detect hormones and or/drugs within the human body.
  • Haematology Testing – Performs tests to detect diseases and disorders of the red & white blood cells, platelets and bone marrow.
  • Histopathology Screening – Screens cells from tissue samples for the presence of diseases such as cancer.
  • Point-of-Care Testing – Quality assurance programs for testing done at the patient bedside.
  • Specimen Management – Blood sample collection using true patient identification technology to enhance patient safety.
  • Transfusion Medicine (Commonly known as Blood Bank) – Identifies blood types and performs compatibility testing for the transfusion of blood and blood components.
  • Microbiology Testing – Performs tests on blood, body fluids and/or tissue to detect bacteria, fungus, viruses and/or parasites and provides important results for the use of antibiotics.

For additional or contact information, please call the Main Laboratory at (416) 242-1000, Ext. 61000.

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