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Hand Hygiene
How is Humber River Hospital doing?

Humber River Hospital is dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of care to our patients safely and effectively. One way we do that is by tracking the rate of staff and physician compliance with accepted hand hygiene protocols. The use of proper hand hygiene is recognized as a primary tool in the effort to stop the spread of infections in hospitals and in the community.
At Humber River Hospital, we have a comprehensive hand hygiene program in place to support awareness and drive performance improvement. Keeping you informed on how we are doing in this area is part of our commitment to a being a patient and family centered hospital. By remaining vigilant, we are determined to ensure that our performance is at the highest possible level.

Hand Hygiene Rates - Wilson Site
% Compliance % Compliance 2017

% Compliance for 2018

Before initial patient/patient environment contact



After initial patient/patient environment contact




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