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We've Moved!

We’ve moved!

The new Humber River Hospital is now open - welcome to all our patients and their families! We’re proud to serve our community with high quality, efficient, and safe patient care in our new lean, green and digital hospital.

The long anticipated move of our patients from our legacy sites to our new Wilson site went smoothly and professionally, without incident. We moved 351 inpatients from three sites, while opening a brand new site, safely and efficiently. This is a remarkable achievement!

Thank you to all of our physicians, staff and volunteers – we couldn’t have done the move without each and every one of you.

Thanks also to Pat Moriarty, Colleen Tew, Jay Card and the team from Health Care Relocations, Toronto Paramedic Services, Spectrum Patient Services and JAKJ Ltd. for their assistance throughout the day. It was a professional effort all the way around.

Our community can now look forward to a new era in patient care thanks to the work of everyone involved with Move Day. Great job, everyone!

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Going Digital in our Parkades!

We've Moved!
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Thank you, Yorkdale Shopping Centre!

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Patient Care Reinvented.